Tracks To Relax Premium Sleep Meditations

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Tracks To Relax Premium Sleep Meditations

Enjoy the world's largest collection of guided sleep meditations with a premium subscription!  You'll get instant access to over 120 Tracks To Relax premium sleep meditations and enjoy new sessions every month. Payal and major credit cards are accepted for subscription payments.

Once you are subscribed, you can listen to all the premium episodes by simply visiting TRACKSTORELAX.APP


What our subscribers say:

"I first heard of Tracks to Relax while searching for sleep podcasts on the Apple Podcast app. I just fell in love with the voice and the soothing stories that I had to become a Patron. Tracks to Relax has helped me so much through my pregnancy, and the first couple months of my new son's life. Instead of fretting over every little thing, I can turn my mind into peaceful mush and drift off quickly and easily. Thank you!" - Kaeli D.

"I listen at night to soothe my bedtime anxieties. My mind races at night thinking of everything I need to accomplish or haven’t accomplished. I worry about loved ones and flip through a rolodex of faces, mistakes and regrets when I try to go to sleep in silence. Track to Relax gives my mind something to focus on and gives my body relaxation cues so I can truly rest and wake up feeling replenished. Thank you đź’•" - Elle N.

"Recently I had a medical issue where I had to end my medication abruptly, which resulted in insomnia and anxiety. It was a really rough 3 months of my life as I couldn't fall asleep without medication, and then would proceed to only sleeping for a few hours and then be wide awake at 4:30 am. I was anxious and exhausted and it was having a serious impact on my role as a stay at home mom. When I discovered your meditation tracks, I was elated that it put me at ease even if I wasn't able to fall asleep completely, and then eventually I was able to fall asleep with the help of your tracks. I still use it almost daily and look forward to hearing your soothing voice. Thank you again for being a life saver!" - Sue W.


Subscriptions will automatically renew for the applicable time period you have selected. you may cancel your subscription(s) at any time.

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